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To meet the needs of the market, provide comprehensive technical assistance and service modern climate control equipment.

Our philosophy:

  • we focus on long-term cooperation;

  •  we offer individual solutions for each project, taking into account the current economic, technical and environmental conditions;

  • we use optimal energy solutions and a creative approach when developing air conditioning and ventilation systems;

  • we seek close and mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners;

  • we guarantee perfect fulfillment of obligations.


More information:

Hokkaido air conditioning systems have been present in the global ventilation and air conditioning market for more than 25 years. Hokkaido products are the result of the work of the specialists of the Italian company Termal Group, based on the world's best experience, as well as continuous research and effective results in the field of technical innovation.

HOKKAIDO air conditioners are:

Excellent design and construction by Italian specialists.

Excellent performance and maximum energy efficiency thanks to the best experience of Japanese engineers and state-of-the-art technological advances.

First-class assembly in Chinese factories under the control of the European production quality management system.

HOKKAIDO offers a wide selection of air conditioning systems for residential, semi-industrial and industrial use, combining excellent performance with a reasonable price.



HOKKAIDO air conditioners are easy to install and provide excellent environmental comfort in the room. The full range of products is based on State of the Art technology, which combines the best of Japanese technology with the advanced and latest Digital Scroll Compressor technology developed by Copeland Inc., USA.

Depending on the capacity of the air conditioner, the air flow rate is up to 2000 m3 / h. The air is blown out at 3 speeds that can be controlled manually or remotely.

HOKKAIDO air conditioners' large selection of models and modern design solutions allow them to be used without any restrictions in all types and constructions of premises: offices, shops, other types of commercial - crowded rooms, hospitals, polyclinics, banks, hotels, various production facilities, residential houses. , apartments, etc.

Hokkaido air conditioners

All air conditioning equipment is carefully selected based on test results. Termal Group is an international group of professionals located in European divisions - Northern Italy, Southern Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the Far East.

Pick-up of spare parts from logistics warehouses is done in a very short time (48/72 hours). HOKKAIDO's customers are provided with both technical and commercial supplies from their head office in Italy and local European branches.

HOKKAIDO air conditioners have a 2-year warranty.






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